Dogs $53.00
includes current Parvo and Distemper Vaccine and Wormer (except rabies or bordatella which is $10.00 more ) Spay or Neuter Certificate ( if not already altered ) Lebanon Vets honor our certificate although some do charge the adopter more than the certificate covers depending on size and for pain meds.

Puppies $53.00
includes same as dogs except they will have 2 of 4 boosters and will receive their Cerftificate in the mail just before the pup reaches 6 month of age (when Lebanon Vets prefer to do the surgery)

Cats and Kittens $43.00
includes Current Vaccine and Wormer and Spay Neuter Certificate ( Rabies $10.00 more) Kittens like puppies will receive the certificate in the mail.

Sweet Abby May

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Name: Sweet Abby May
Age: 18 months
Breed: Retreiver Mix

Sweet Abby May is just that, very sweet. She is a little unsure when she first comes out of her run, but once she is out and gets to burn off some energy she walks very well. She seems like she would be an easy dog to train and would love to have a fenced yard to run in.

Terms of Adoption
As with all animals adopted at the shelter there is a contract that states if the adopter during any time of the animals life can no longer care for under any reason they have to be returned to the shelter no charge or appointment necessary they cannot be sold traded or given away. We also offer a 14 day return policy so that if you get home and the animal doesn't work out for any reason you can return them to us and apply for a refund or do an exchange.The contract also states per Missouri Law the animal MUST be spayed or Neutered. We have been known to go and take animals back that have not been taken care of. We are always willing to take strays or animals owners can no longer care for. We take these animals by appointment and as space allows. To drop off animals to us we charge a fee of $10.00 in Lebanon City or Laclede County. All Others are charged $15.00. When a stray is turned over to us we do an automatic 5 business day hold to make sure the owners have ample time to locate. (After the hold is up we make them available for adoption)